Northquest is a trusted provider of critical infrastructure solutions to a broad range of businesses, from law firms to hospitals. This is because we understand the challenges that are unique to those seeking to upgrade, acquire and maintain the infrastructure assets critical to the ongoing operation of their business; rapidly ageing assets, the rising cost of energy and the necessity to manage cash flow.

We bring our deep expertise to every client we work with, to determine the infrastructure solution that fits their exact needs.

Your Business Challenge

Your challenge

Our Solution

The risk of vital infrastructure breaking down
Our managed service agreements means we are responsible for ongoing operation and maintenance of your infrastructure
A need to carefully manage cash flow
We remove the large upfront costs associated with upgrading infrastructure
Ageing assets that need to be upgraded
Our managed service agreement means you can upgrade your assets as you need to without the upfront costs of purchasing new equipment
The cost of energy is impacting your bottom line
We identify ways you can reduce your energy outgoings and can structure a solution that can deliver an immediate net economic benefit
Don’t want to pay instalments while a solution is being developed
We are able to structure agreements that mean no payment is required until the asset is installed
Improve corporate credentials for workplace & environmental purposes
We can help you acquire assets that reduce your carbon footprint via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or rental structure, removing the cost from your balance sheet.