What is the interest rate?

Given the size of Northquest, we fund at fixed rates against the Reuters published swap rates plus a margin equivalent to investment grade. We own the infrastructure and deliver it you as a service.

What if I want to sell a property with infrastructure you own during the service term?

That’s OK. You can either pay out the service agreement or we can look to transfer the service agreement to the new owner subject to credit.

What happens if something goes wrong with the equipment?

Northquest has back to back warranties with the manufacturers of the equipment. In addition we generally have errors and omissions insurance that covers for any loss from performance or consequential losses. For maximum convenience, service and maintenance plans are usually built into your service agreements.

Are the payments tax deductible?

Yes – up to 100%, depending on the portion of usage for the business.

Can I change my service agreements or my rental agreements as my needs and business changes?

Managed services solutions can grow and change with your business and organising additional equipment during the rental term is simply a matter of signing a variation agreement. This allows you to increase your rental equipment without extending the term, or to add equipment and extend the term so that the rental payments are similar to your current agreement.

Do the payments include insurance?

 If it is on your site it may be included on your existing policies or we can insure it.  Please ask for a quote.

Who owns the equipment?

Northquest does during the service or rental agreement fixed term. You are only paying for the usage of the equipment during the agreed term.

Can I cancel before the end of the term?

If you cancel before the end of the term, you must pay the balance owing. Most clients prefer to upgrade or vary their solutions in line with their needs. We are there to help you get the right outcomes for your business.

What happens at the end of the managed service term?

  • Continue  to get the off take outcomes with us taking the performance risks
  • We can transfer the asset back to you if that was the agreed outcome
  • Terminate the agreement and return the equipment if you have no further use for it
  • Make an offer to purchase the equipment at a fair market value.